Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S4 So Slow

Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S4 So Slow
Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S4 So Slow
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It’s already 2 years Samsung Galaxy S4 came in the market and since its launch a lot of smartphone lovers have switched to this phone from others. But it has seen that a large number of Galaxy S4 owners have been facing performance issue with their phone. If you are also using Galaxy s4 and experiencing with the same issue, then here I will discuss some steps that you can try out. See also- How to change a broken display of Samsung Galaxy S4 miniPossible fixes for performance issue on Galaxy S4Step 1The first step to fix this problem of Galaxy S4 is to clearing the cache partition. Following are the steps for clearing the cache partition on your Galaxy S4:> Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4..

How to make the Samsung Galaxy S4 run faster for better performance

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been around for a while now, but it’s still a great phone. Here’s how to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 faster for better performance. / © ANDROIDPITSome of our tips - such as the TouchWiz-related ones - only apply to Samsung devices, but many of them will work on any Android device. The rollout of Android Lollipop 5.0.1 on the Galaxy S4. Investigate AndroidThere are a number of things in Android that could be hitting your S4’s performance..

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 is Slow? How to Speed up for Better Performance in 5 Minutes

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 was launched long-back in 2013, but most of the users are still using this handset. Disable AnimationsBy turning off the animations, one can gear up the device performance instantly.

But, by default these options cannot be seen and so the users need to enable them manually. So, the users need to check and clear the cache regularly to avoid the lag in device performance. Few Other TipsThere are few more precautions to be taken to gear up the device performance..

Tip: How to speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4

With Samsung having announced the new Galaxy S5, you may have begun to feel like your Samsung Galaxy S4 is already out-of-date, and might begin to think that it’s running a bit slow, especially if there’s a lot of content on it. Luckily, we have a tip for you that will help speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4 and have it feeling brand new, and it’s as simple as having developer options enabled.

With that hidden menu now enabled, we can head on into it to begin fastening up our Samsung Galaxy S4. You’ll notice your Samsung Galaxy S4 feels substantially quicker. Samsung Galaxy S4 | FindTheBest.

Galaxy S4: 10 Problems Users Have, And How To Fix Them

Related: Samsung Galaxy S4 review, our favorite Galaxy S4 cases and Gs4 accessories. Updated on 1-28-2014 by Simon Hill: Added random rebooting problem, camera and gallery app problems, and SIM card not inserted error. Glitch: Camera and gallery app not workingThere are many reports of strange behaviors with the camera app and the gallery app. On the phone dialer type *#0011# then Menu > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi power save mode to Off. That’s it for Galaxy S4 problems right now, but stay tuned because we’ll update this article in time..