Why Is Remove On The Top Of Samsung Galaxy 4

Why Is Remove On The Top Of Samsung Galaxy 4
Why Is Remove On The Top Of Samsung Galaxy 4
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Moving Home Screens:Your device supports up to seven Home screens. From any Home screen, touch Menu > Edit page. When you move a Home screen, the other Home screens will be reordered automatically. Adding and Deleting Home Screens:You can have from one to seven Home screens on your device. To delete one, touch Menu from any Home screen and touch Edit Page..

Solved: Extra edge panel apps after update

So I updated the software last night and all of a sudden I have 4 new apps on the edge panel that I can’t remove. Is there any way to remove them so my Edge panel looks like before?. Now I have to scroll and that makes it less effective and not as functional as before..

Pro tip: Quickly uninstall applications from the Samsung Galaxy S4 app drawer

Jack Wallen shows you one of the fastest ways to remove unwanted apps on your Samsung Galaxy S4. What if I told you there was a much faster, more efficient way of uninstalling those apps from your Samsung Galaxy S4?. Open the app drawer on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Tap the menu button Select UninstallAfter you tap Uninstall, the icons in the app drawer will change (Figure A). Figure AA Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S4 showing apps ready to uninstall.

This is probably the fastest means of uninstalling applications from your Samsung Galaxy S4..

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Enable / Disable / Modify Screen Lock

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My Samsung Galaxy S 4

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